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NBTA National Championships have been held on the Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana every year since 1970. Champions from all over the US come to AYOP (America’s Youth on Parade) to compete since the 1940’s but 2018 will one I never forget.  It is the year Anchorettes got their first place at NBTA Nationals! It is a huge honor to come in the top 10% at AYOP. Not only did we get a first place we earned (1) second place, (2) third places, (2) seventh place, (1) tenth place as well as three other top 20% placements. Many of these numbers had anywhere between 17 and 32 teams against them.  And this was only team competition! Eleven of our girls competed in individual and duet competitions and did extremely well.


AYOP is a test of endurance in that most of the girls (and coaches) we up at 5:30am every day for four days in a row and twirling until late in the night. The girls are champions at resting when they can and then regrouping and warming up before an event. All the training paid off over the summer.


A super huge thank you to our coaches for their unending dedication to the team. We are truly blessed by their kindness and expertise and selflessness of giving up much of their summer for Nationals. And also to our parents for the time and support that you all ALWAYS give them team.


Recipe for a Majorette

By Don Sartell


It takes a lot of qualities to be a majorette.

I imagine if all the ingredients were put into a recipe, the recipe would sound something like this:

…take the gracefulness of a ballerina, the dexterity of a juggler, add the poise of a dancer, mix in the posture of an equestrian, the dignity of a queen,

…take the quickness of a magician, the spirit of a cheerleader,

…add a dash of confidence, a pinch of sweetness, the freshness of a flower,

…mix in a bit of humility, a generous amount of personality.

This combination, together with love and faith, is the recipe for the American majorette.

This truly describes an Anchorette.


One of my favorite traditions is when we take the twirlers and their families and go down to the grotto. It is a special time when we reflect and pray and light a candle in honor of someone that is hurting or has passed. It is incredibly sweet and made even more special by Deena Nunes who wrote a special note to every girl and also gave them a pin that has an angel with a baton in her hand.


All glory to God and how He so richly blesses us,


Debbie Dingle


© Anchorettes Baton Twirling Team

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