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Kristina Buccholz

     Reflections on States Clean Sweep 2017 


All season long our girls train and work hard leading up to the week of the State Championships. This last season we have been known as the underdogs in our divisions. Especially with our Don't Let Me down and Africa routines. 


You know, when you go into a big competition like states having a positive and go with the flow attitude things will just fall into place and that it did. I loved how the director announced the awards while everyone was in the gym so our team could celebrate together. They called our first couple routines of course when they announce top three our hearts start racing because we hadn't been called yet and our emotions were all over the place. First place was called for our team several times; it was like a dream. 

Very rarely during routines do I pay attention to the audience because it's hard too. During Don't Let me Down there was a moment in the song where I look out into the audience they were in complete silence and watching us all, then when we all caught our tricks the audience went crazy! Right then I knew we finally had the best run through of the season with a routine we've struggled with. Coming off the floor we all felt great and some of my team mates said they had a similar connection with the audience! 


We got called for our 7th first place state championship win and we were fired up and determined to make it eight but only God knew the outcome before we did. Africa was done and they were announcing halftimes again as the underdogs in the group rising to the challenge. The announcer called a tie for second and our name still hadn't been called we kept saying we got the tie. They announced the two teams who tied for second and we were all in shock there's no way we got first! Sure enough they said "Anchorettes first place" right then watching the team parents and other teams celebrating with us was a feeling and moment that replays in my mind four months later. It's a moment that I wish we could relive all over again.Watching our girls filled with so much joy and excitement knowing their hard work had paid off and they did it!! Girls you deserved everyone of those victories and the victories yet to come! You keep setting the bar and amazing us everyday! We are so proud of you for the amazing athletes you are but better yet the amazing individuals that you are!! The trophies are great but it's not about the trophies it's about the memories made that weekend with our team, and our twirling friends that far surpass any trophy. 




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