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Our Purpose

In a Christian spirit, we will help build a strong sense of self-confidence, good work ethics, respect, and discipline.  We intend to nurture and train our students with a twirling talent they can use and excel in the years to follow in high school and college.


Our team, which is actually a family, is a unique organization. We offer different levels of twirling: recreational or competitive groups are available.  We strive to place the importance of respect, self-control and hard work on all levels of twirling.  We are blessed to have access to an air-conditioned gym and a beautiful new dance studio.


“There is SO much more to the sport of twirling than just trophies and sparkling costumes. The work ethic, confidence and life lessons that are learned through baton twirling is the true goal of our team.  We strive to help the girls find their God-given gifts and talents” says Debbie Dingle, director of Anchorettes.


Our Competition Team has won a number of local, state and National championships.  We also participate in local parades and Twirl Mania in Orlando, Florida.


In the late 1970’s, the late Sandy Meyer developed a twirling group know as the “Anchorettes.”  The program was extremely successful in both state and national competitions.  Debbie Dingle, the current Anchorettes director, was a student of Sandy Meyer since the age of seven.  Debbie is proud to carry on the Anchorettes Team based at Advent Lutheran Church since the late 1980’s.  Her greatest joy is to have twirlers come back from college to teach and “give back” to our current Anchorettes.


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